Add value to your Datacenter Interconnects

My name is Björn Rougén and I’m working as Sales director Nordics @ Smartoptics, and if it is OK with you I just want to steal your attention for a few seconds.

For those of you that has not come across Smartoptics in the past, we are a company working with fiber based xWDM solutions, both the actual blinking lasers but also the passive & active solutions that helps our customers to transport their application data from point A to point B. Some of you are probably unaware of the need for Layer1 transport, but this is a reality for lots of your customers, not only for the largest companies but now a days also for the mid-sized once.

In our world, 100G Ethernet have moved from “nice to have” to “need to have”, with our QSFP28 based DWDM 100G solution we are convinced that we are adding value to your customers Datacenter Interconnects. We are rapidly growing our business both with the SPs and the Enterprise customers, the Unique selling point that you should look at with your customer are:

  • Stretched Datacenters with leased darkfibers, preferably at least 10km apart
  • A need for capacity, Ethernet and Fiberchannel services in any type of combination. If you specifically here about 100G Ethernet transport or 32G FC transport we have a more or less unique approach that at least should get you in to the discussion with the correct people at your customer
  • A customer that today is using a leased fiber between the DCs, we can help you make a business case that proves the benefits with moving to their own DWDM infrastructure

I leave you off with a link to a fun video of our CEOs daughter installing our systems, please speak to our friends at Navigator Nordics if you wish to know more!

Take care,
Björn Rougén



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