An exciting industry in rapid development

New acquisitions, exciting launches, increased sales and an industry under record-breaking development. A lot is going on at our partner Lifesize and in the industry as a whole.

Here, Thomas Nicolaus, Vice President at Northern EMEA, gives us the latest news from Lifesize, his view of the collaboration with Navigator and an insight in the trends we see in the industry as a whole.

Do you have any exciting news from Lifesize?

Most recently, Lifesize continued expanding our unified communications and collaboration portfolio through the acquisition of digital whiteboarding pioneer Kaptivo. This introduces advanced collaboration to sit alongside our historical roots in cloud video conferencing and the cloud contact center business we added following the Lifesize merger with Serenova earlier this year.

On the video conferencing front, we have a feature coming out soon called Lifesize Connect that will allow customers to make their Lifesize 4K meeting room systems more seamlessly interoperable with cloud video meetings.

What trends do you see in the industry? How do you think the UC market will develop?

We are seeing that customers are more inclined to purchase comprehensive suites of communication solutions from a single vendor that can offer them cloud services, global support and even cloud-connected meeting room hardware. As such, niche players in the UC industry are going to struggle, while companies that strategically assemble broader product offerings with deep expertise in implementing and leveraging those offerings to solve real customer pain points will flourish.

How do you view your cooperation with Navigator in the future?

To put it plainly, Navigator made Lifesize relevant in the Nordic market. The rapid go-to-market strategy that we co-developed to meet reseller and customer needs demonstrates how flexible, creative, ambitious, focused and forward-thinking the Navigator team is. As Lifesize grows, so too will our relationship with Navigator. We will grow together, bringing a broader, stronger combined UC portfolio to the market.

Have you noticed any change in the demand for your solutions as a result of the Corona crisis?

Absolutely. We recorded an 800% increase in usage of our video conferencing platform in the months after the pandemic began spreading across the world and forced organizations into remote work models. Even as things have begun to normalize ever so slightly, we still see daily Lifesize video conferencing usage 4x what it was pre-pandemic.

On the contact center side, we have seen a very positive response to our Rapid Recovery program, where all costs for migrating a contact center to the cloud are deferred until 2021. This program also features premier support and professional services to help customers start this difficult but necessary migration within 48 hours, even while call volumes and consumer expectations have never been higher.

Has the current situation changed your way of working?

We are clearly in an era of widespread, long-term remote work that has proven to be both successful and productive, and especially so in the Nordics. However, I think people will begin to smartly and safely take their work back into the office. This gradual shift along with the end of the calendar year will present an opportunity and a natural inflection point to upgrade and refresh video meeting room devices and other technologies that will help bridge the gap between in-person and remote workers, teams and meetings.

How do you see the future of Lifesize and the UC market at large?

In the UC market at large, there is still a prevailing sense that the best possible quality matters when it comes to communication and customer experience. Particularly in the Nordics, we see massive potential for the video-enabled contact center, which we are now making possible through our recently launched CxEngage Video solution for omnichannel contact centers. Quality and reliability of the underlying technology must be top-notch when customers and agents are relying on it to address issues like telehealth consultations, appliance repair or insurance claims over video.


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