Bring your own meeting experience

In the near future, every room will be video enabled. The hybrid meeting is the new normal.

Johannes Svärd is the newly appointed Regional Sales Manager Nordics at our partner Lifesize. He has worked with visual communication with large organizations for over 15 years and most recently comes from Gartner. Here he talks about how our way of working will change after the pandemic and how he views the collaboration with Navigator.

How do you see the future of Lifesize and the market at large? What needs will there be?

The market has grown enormously with many new players offering video solutions.
The pandemic has radically accelerated the development and need for video solutions. It has become the new normal to conduct digital meetings and in the future all organizations will need video equipment where you have the opportunity to connect from each room and from your own computer. The hybrid workplace where you can connect to any device will be a must. At Lifesize, we see that every meeting soon will be a hybrid. It will no longer work to just sit with your own device. Everything must be able to connect. And it must be done in a simple way. It should not be harder than a push of a button.

Do you have any new exciting news on the way?

So much is happening, and many new exciting products are underway this year. Above all, the focus is on “Bring your own device solutions” that make it possible for users of different solutions to interact with each other in a simple way. The hybrid workplace is here to stay.

How do you view the collaboration with Navigator? Today and in the future?

Navigator has long been at the forefront of the industry and is well known for always offering the latest on the market. Above all, they are very customer service oriented and always puts its partners first. For Lifesize, it is of utmost advantage to have Navigator as a partner and I see that our collaboration in the future will only expand as we grow at a rapid pace, and the demand for this type of product keeps increasing. A close collaboration with a good and forward-looking partner is important for success. And that’s exactly what we have in Navigator!

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