Explosion on demand of visual long-distance meeting solutions

We all need to pull our weight to get through the pending crisis and most of those who can, work from home to avoid spreading infection. Even if the crisis has put a stop to physical contacts, the personal interaction is still important. Visual long-distance meeting solutions is the solution for many. Navigator Nordic who, among other things, offer solutions for video conference has under these difficult times noticed a huge increase in the demand on their distance meeting solutions.

Companies that offer visual long-distance meeting solutions have an important task ahead of them. “Our long-distance meeting solutions are not the solution to all problems we are facing. But we are doing what we can to help the many companies and organizations that very quickly have to adapt their business”, says Marco Sladic, part owner of Navigator Nordic. “Many of us are letting businesses use our technology without cost or obligations, to help them get through these difficult times”, he continues.

We need to meet and see each other

The demand of the industry’s services is huge just now. For Lifesize alone, the supplier Navigator Nordic distributes in the Nordics, the incoming requests have increased with 740 percent in the past four weeks. The usage has in the same time increased with 200 percent. “Companies are forced to send home their employees and schools are suddenly conducting their activities long-distance. But we still need to stay in contact with each other and the visual part is important. To meet up in person and see each others facial expressions and body language is an important part of the communication”, Marco says.

A solution also for the future

The current situation has forced many companies to start using the long-distance meeting as a temporary emergency solution. But there are large advantages with the visual long-distance meeting, not the least as traditional meetings are far more time- and resource consuming. “When everything has returned to normality, I hope that many will see the advantages with visual communication solutions and continues to meet long-distance”, Marco says.

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