Konica Minolta expands the range with products from data center

Our partner Konica Minolta is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of office machines, multifunctional systems, electronic imaging products and industrial measuring equipment. Right now, a major change is underway within the company where one wants to go from offering products to becoming an IT partner offering comprehensive solutions. In this transition, video conferencing solutions are an important part.

For several years now, Konica Minolta has been buying video conferencing solutions from Navigator Nordic. With the change in the company, they are now looking at broadening the range of products from Navigator’s data center area. Mathias Lidson, Sales Manager in the IT Service business at Konica Minolta gives us his view on the expansion.

What is the reason for wanting to broaden your offer?

We are currently working a lot on business developing our customers and getting them to buy a wider range of products and services from us. Therefore, we are now looking at offering products in the data center area. This is an offer that we want to develop in close collaboration with Navigator, as we are dependent on their expertise in the field.

How does the collaboration with Navigator work today?

The collaboration works incredibly well, it is the most fun partner we have. We have really found each other and have a personal relationship. Together, we always find solutions ahead in a positive way. They are committed and contribute a great deal to the execution of our business – they attend customer meetings, develop solutions and have contact with customers. Their engagement goes far beyond a regular distributor’s and they give us great value.

How do you see your collaboration with Navigator in the future?

Navigator is an important long-term partner for us and we see the collaboration with Navigator as part of our business. In the future, we want to expand cooperation even further. With their expertise and experience, they can help us with establishments both nationally and internationally.


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