Rapid growth for our partner DTEN

Our partner DTEN builds innovative communications that revolutionizes the way teams around the world connect and collaborate.

Lars Heeg from Amsterdam is responsible for DTEN’s Benelux, Nordics and Middle East regions. Here he gives us the latest news from DTEN and shares his view on the current situation and the future for the UC market. 

Do you have any exciting news from DTEN?  

DTEN is rapidly growing with our current portfolio and we are introducing new products to make the user experience in the Zoom rooms environment even better. Now available is the DTEN GO+Mate, a setup device with a tablet that you can use to control your meetings, for content sharing and it can be used to annotate on screen. The GO+Mate turn every standard TV screen into a multimedia Zoom room including whiteboarding. At Zoomtopia 2020 we introduced DTEN on TV, making the Zoom room experience available for the consumer market. Many more features will be introduced in 2021! 

What is the main benefits for Zoom costumers to use DTEN as their hardware platform?  

At DTEN we make all-in-one Zoom room solutions, that are easy to install and set up. Normally customers are ready to do their first meeting within 30 minutes. It is also very easy to use and manage. We are using the Zoom application to operate our boards and everyone who is using Zoom can work with our boards. Via the DTEN/ Zoom portal the users can manage everything remotely – manage our end-points, upgrading and troubleshooting. All our customers get free software and firmware upgrades for their endpoints, which means they will always have access the newest versions available including new features and functionalities. 

Have you noticed any change in the demand for your solutions as a result of the Corona crisis? 

Due to the Covid situation the complete UC market has exploded. We see a great interest for our Zoom for Home portfolio (DTEN ME). And we see that companies are now investing in hybrid offices so their co-workers can either work from home or at the office, so we have many projects with a mixed infrastructure, companies investing in our larger Zoom room solutions for their offices and DTEN ME for the home offices. 

What do you think about the collaboration with Navigator? How do you view our cooperation in the future? 

We have chosen Navigator because they are a very professional team and they have a great network in the Nordics. They have shown that they really can build brands in their territory. What is also very important is the level of service they provide to the resellers and end-customers. For DTEN it is very important  to have happy users, and it is very important to work with partners who have a high level of providing services. Therefore we appreciate our relationship with Navigator a lot. 

How do you see the future of your company and the UC market at large? 

What we see is that UC, which started as a niche market, became a necessity during the lock-downs and is a commodity now. Every professional is using Unified communications in some form. For DTEN the future is also very clear. We continue to grow as one of Zoom’s most important hardware partners and we keep expanding our portfolio until we have a solution for all hardware that is used or needed in a Zoom room environment. With the help of Navigator and their partners in the Nordics we are convinced that we will make fast progress very soon.

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