Rapid transition to digital meetings for Proact

Our partner Proact has, like many other companies, quickly changed their way of working during the corona crisis. Björn Selander, Pre-sale at Proact talks about his everyday life during these unusual times.

How has your working day changed during the corona crisis?

It has looked completely different. I have worked mostly from home and have had 90% of all meetings with customers and colleagues through video conferences. Previously, I had about 10% of meetings digitally, so it’s a big change. But it has exceeded my expectations. The fact that I have many longstanding customer contacts where we know each other well has contributed to its success. That we are all in the same situation has also been important for the smooth transition.

Have you seen any positive consequences of the changed way of working?

Yes, above all the meetings have become shorter and more efficient. I have been able to reduce my travelling and have more leisure time. Customers are also more accessible and easier to reach. However, I still find it invaluable to meet in real life sometimes. But very much can be done digitally.

Will you return to your old way of working when the situation becomes more normal again?

I think many of us will think twice before booking physical meetings in the future. Personally, I will continue to limit my travelling and have more video meetings. However, in order to build relationships, it is still important to meet in real life now and then.

How has the collaboration with Navigator worked in these special circumstances?

We have always had a good relationship and it has worked well even during the corona crisis. Like us, they are keen to maintain a high level of service and provide quick answers.

What do you think the IT industry looks like in 10 years?

I think we will have even more digital meetings but that the personal meeting still will still be of importance. Greater demands will be placed on digital platforms, which we can see today already. In the past, most companies used the platform available to them as well they could. But now we place higher demands on functions that are adapted to our own needs. This development will continue and we will see many new adaptations and solutions.


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