The pandemic changes work methods

Most of us have had to change their way of working during the pandemic, and digitalization has accelerated tremendously in a short time. Anders Schreiber, salesman at our partner, talks about what the new working day has looked like.

How has your working day changed during the corona crisis?

We, like everyone else, have mostly worked at home and have held meetings via video conference. This is a change for both us and our customers. There’s a big difference though, compared to our customers we are used to Teams and other tools like that which made it very easy for us to apply this way of working fully out (we already did it to a certain extent before). For me, the efficiency has increased significantly, via video meetings I can manage eight shorter customer meetings per day instead of two. It is possible that we will see an effect on sales results at a later stage.

How have you kept your relationship going with colleagues, customers and suppliers?

We have had many video meetings both internally and externally. It has worked surprisingly well. We have loaned 32 inch screens to our home offices to facilitate video calls.

Will you return to your old way of working when the situation becomes normal again?

We have seen an incredibly fast digital transformation in our customers. Normally, the digitalization that has taken place now would have taken up to five years to complete. So we will continue to work on the new opportunities this has and help our customers embrace their new way of thinking. We have quickly learned to hold video meetings and I will continue with a large proportion of this. In addition to increased efficiency, it is a sustainable way of working that benefits the environment.

How has the collaboration with Navigator worked in these special circumstances?

It has worked very well. Navigator has always been quick to help both us and our customers find the right solutions. They are easy to collaborate with and have a very high level of service. In short, they simplify everyday life for both us and our customers and create great added value.

What do you think the IT industry will look like in 10 years?

I think it will flourish with many new exciting solutions. Considering meetings, I think the physical meeting will be more well-planned. You will be more mindful of which meetings to attend and to focus on doing them well.


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