Vendor: Lifesize
Product Area: Unified Communications

Why Lifesize?

Because video communication is more than just a meeting tool.

Good enough isn’t good enough. Not for your business, not for your first impression and not for your mission-critical relationships. Lifesize have engineered the absolute best video conferencing experience possible — the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications. Lifesize is rated best-in-class for video, audio and content-sharing clarity, we help you present your business in the best light and make the best impression with every conversation.

Vendor: DTEN 
Product Area – Unified Communication 
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 Who are DTEN?

DTEN builds innovative communications technology creating the
ideal environment to communicate and collaborate.

DTEN develops award-winning collaboration solutions that combine
all-in-one cutting-edge features, plug-and-play ease, high quality
performance and affordability.

DTEN’ s Zoom certified appliances and integrated service
subscriptions revolutionize the way teams around the world connect,
communicate and collaborate.

Founded in 2015, DTEN is rapidly becoming a recognized international leader for innovation and accessibility in communication.