Vivitek’s sales manager sees great opportunities in the partnership with Navigator

Our partner Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of innovative collaboration and visual presentation products. An area where development is fast-paced and demand is increasing among companies as well as in private individuals.

Linnea Bergh, Nordic Sales Manager at Vivitek sees great opportunities for Vivitek and Navigator Nordic to continue to grow and develop together.

How do you see the future of collaboration and the visual solutions market?

We will see more of all-in-one solutions where everything the user needs is included. With our new display series that comes with a built-in wireless data sharing (NovoConnect) and built-in Digital Signage software (NovoDS), we are already on that road today. In the future, these solutions will be even easier to handle and will be able to be used by private individuals. When it comes to technological solutions, we will see larger screens and wallpaper images that can be rolled up.

How do you see the continued collaboration with Navigator Nordic?

We have a very tight and rewarding collaboration. The advantages of Navigator are that they are very present in the market. Instead of being sedentary distributors they are active in the business and are constantly working to find the best solution for the customer. I believe this driven and relationship-building approach is a winning concept for the future. In the long run, I am confident that we will see great effects from our collaboration with Navigator. Together we will be able to grow and create a much larger joint venture.


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