We’re the salty seadogs of the Nordic IT-Market

We navigate the seas of the Nordic IT-market, providing companies with the fastest smartest solutions in optical components, transceivers, and subsystems.

This is who we are

Navigator Nordic is an expert distributor of data center solutions specialized in the Nordic market. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of leading products and components, including our own Navigator brand – built around a unique concept.

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We have their brands. And our own.

We’re both a distributor of leading brands and produce our own.​

Lifetime warranty

We provide the extra value to last you a lifetime. Which is why we offer lifetime warranty.

We know these waters like the back of our hand

We help companies establish on one of the most complex and mature markets in the world.

You get expert support​

Our Navigators are experts on IT solutions, and they are dedicated to support you 24/7.

Faster means smarter

400 G • Lifetime warranty Smarter integration

These pluggable optics work with every network available on the market. You can pick ours, or some other brand. Regardless, these optics will never hold your network back.

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