Team Captain, Jesper Berlin
– a former special forces operative.

We like to test our products to their limits. Now it’s time to test ourselves. The Navigators have signed up for the Koster Swimrun 2024. We’re participating under the outstanding supervision of our Team Captain, Jesper Berlin, a former special forces operative.

The Koster Swimrun is a unique competition in a unique location. It takes place on the Koster Islands and consists of 15km running and 5km swimming in one of the most spectacularly beautiful places we know.

Koster National Park
– Sweden’s only marine national park

The Swedish West Coast archipelago is magnificent, with beautiful rocks polished by the ice age, sandy beaches, and fantastic wildlife. At the heart of it is the Koster Islands – one of Sweden’s only marine national parks that primarily sits underwater but also covers some of the islands.

Who is Team Navigator’s captain, Jesper Berlin?

You may know him from the TV Show Elitstyrkans Hemligheter, a Swedish version of SAS Who Dares Wins. He is a former operative in the Swedish special forces and a leadership coach, working with leaders to create more effective and cohesive teams. We couldn’t have a better person at the helm, guiding us through this challenge!

Why Koster Swimrun? Because our hearts are always close to the ocean

As a company, we care for the marine environment of the Swedish West Coast. It’s where we’re from, and it is home to us. The ocean also represents everything we stand for, with its combination of ruggedness, power, and wonderful resources. That’s why we want to support the National Park and the event, which collaborates with organisations that clean up and preserve the ocean.